Practical Magick

A really good breakdown on what actually makes someone a Hellenic Polytheist, as it doesn’t always mean a practioner of Hellenismos. It’s also got a good explanation on why someone can also practice magic/witchcraft in that context. It seems to be written by someone with a great deal of knowledge on the subject through research (don’t know the blogger) rather than by someone coming to these conclusions from a neo-wiccan context.

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No matter how many years I’ve worshipped them, it still amazes me how I can cry out to my gods for help and have that help immediately. Last night I was having the worst asthma attack I’d had in a long time and I’m completely out of medications, though i didn’t know until that moment. So I asked Apollo for help saying that I’d give him offerings of food and wine, some incense, and light a candle just for him in thanks. The attack just immediately stopped. Then I “heard” him ask me that in addition he’d just like me to listen to my iPod and that he’d very much like it if I’d dance for him like I did as a kid, playing hide and seek from him and Helios under trees. For saving my life, I think I can give him that and am surprised he didn’t ask more.


I sing of Hera Antheia, who dwells in fine gardens, accompanied by the scent of lilies and the light of the setting sun. Dearest Lady of Flowers, whom Gaia herself honored with golden life eternal, I bow reverently before thee. Magnificent Queen of Heaven, the sky bends in the face of thy splendor. The earth blooms at the touch of thy blessed footsteps. Mother of Showers, beloved of Zeus the All-wise, I love thee and praise thy glory. I sing of Hera Antheia, Lady of Flowers.


Long, long, ago, there was only darkness—a deep, ebony ocean of empty infinity—the void that was no place. From this place of nothingness, Spirit drew in upon itself and, with a might burst of joyful vibration, our Lady of Light exploded into being, her essence the totality of perfect love and…

This was actually written by Silver RavenWolf and was published in the book SOLITARY WITCH. I don’t believe this was actually how the universe was created, but it never fails to evoke powerful emotions in me.


If you are a cishet pagan/witch and you use the term “coming out of the broom closet” please unfollow me thanks

I’m just going to admit to the fact that it literally took me half on hour to understand what they were saying. I thought they had just misspelled cis somehow and was really confused about what my gender had to do with anything. Then I realized it was an abbreviation for cisgendered heterosexual. Them it made a lot more sense and I stopped being offended because I don’t even call into that category. Cis, but not hetero. I will say that from personal experience of coming out of both “closets” in about the same couple of years, it was so much easier to come out as a bisexual (though I now identify as pansexual). Many of my friends identified as homosexual, bisexual, etc, many were trans or gender queer, so me finally admitting that I liked girls made me almost normal. But when I admitted to being pagan? I lost a lot of friends, received death threats, people would threaten to burn me even pulling out lighters, people targeted me for bullying (at least until a rumor went around that I cursed and sacrificed my enemies), even my parents were hostile towards my faith and not my sexuality. I could date any girl I wanted but worshipping Apollo would send me to hell. Depending on the area one is from, “coming out of the broom closet” is a very accurate term because it can be just as dangerous, if not more (as in my case) to admit to being a pagan. In some countries it’s just as much of a death sentence. Like in, oh I don’t know, Syria? No, the two are not even close to the same thing. Religion is a choice, gender and sexuality is not. But it’s not always seen that way and both can be a very dangerous thing to make public.


I ask the gods my path to smooth

My psyche calm, my spirit sooth

Send me comfort through the day

As I walk the Blessing Way

Ease my way when money’s needed

Ease the road to heart’s desire

Ease the troubles life can bring us

With the power of air and fire

Ease the making of life’s…