Practical Magick
It’s like, I think pagan veiling is a badass thing. But stop stealing styles from Muslim and Middle Eastern women (unless, obviously, you are part of those cultures/religion). There are plenty of white, Christian styles to steal from, historical styles of veiling, or new ways to make up your own!

First of all, what makes it okay to steal from the Christians but not other religions??

Second, I have many many Hindu, Muslim, and Jewish friends. All of their cultures practice head covering. I’ve talked to all of them, including some members of these religious groups here on tumblr, and you know what their opinion on this is? Regardless of religion or culture, they think it’s absolutely wonderful if you cover with their culture/religion’s style as long as you are doing it for the correct reasons. They disapprove of you wearing it for a fashion statement. But if you are wearing it for modesty or for a religious reason? They will support you completely. 

I’m actually really sick of people trying to label everything as cultural appropriation. Especially when half the time it’s really not. I was wearing a Ghanaian headdress and gown about a month ago and someone told me I was being a) racist and b) culturally appropriative. Do you know where I got this clothing???? It was a gift from my uncle’s mother. They are natives of that fantastic country. 

If you have permission from that culture/religion or they are all around supportive of everyone doing/wearing (insert item from their culture/religion) it’s not cultural appropriation.