Practical Magick

One of my ex covenmates had a bonfire to celebrate Midsummer last night and invited everyone still in our coven, except me. I realize I’m being a tad childish, but I felt really hurt and left out. So I calmly and politely sent her a message and instead of responding me, this is what she put as her flipping facebook status: “You comment on a status and then message me. I don’t give a fuck that you feel left out. You mess with my mojo”. O.o WTF. Seriously?!???!? She was my best friend for over a decade. One of the first people I ever worked with in ritual. Instead of coming to me and expressing her concerns she just stopped talking to me completely and then pulled this. I do not understand. I’d also like to point out that the damn status I commented on wasn’t even hers. It was my sister’s. She just happened to be tagged in it. So freaking glad that a huge part of my ritual is about banishing negative feelings, illnesses, etc from my life. I always feel so refreshed afterwards. I need that so bad right now.