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Rev. Don’s Vlog - Jesus (by MagickTv)

Jessica Galbreth: From Dark Art to True Light Jessica Galbreth was a famous “fantasy” artist who specialized in painting vampires and gothic goddesses until one day life began to imitate art.

I’m really happy that she found a faith that works for her. Truly I am. I’ve met her several times, and she is a wonderful person. But this whole testimony disappoints me. It also makes her look like a liar. 

First of all, I’ve been a fan of hers for years. Almost a decade. I have several pieces of her work and I’ve never got any “demonic” or “satanic” vibe off of any of her pieces. Especially because the majority of her work was bright an colorful. One of her early renditions of Selene actually looks like my mother. By saying the occult lets in demons, I feel personally insulted by someone who used to be my hero. I even did my Sophomore art final on her. Also, on her blog she stated over and over again that she wasn’t ashamed of her old artwork, but that it just wasn’t who she was anymore. Yeah, throwing it in a dumpster definitely looks like you’re not ashamed Jessica. I’m glad she’s happy, and I do like a lot of her new artwork, but I feel like she’s jumped on the bandwagon with everyone else about “Oh I used to do this occult stuff and then there were these demons messing up my life”. Honestly, I do artwork very similar to what she used to do. And you know what? I’ve often had the images pop into my head while I was IN CHURCH. I’ve talked to my pastor about it and he says it’s inspiration from God and that those pieces should always be on the top of my list. 

No offense Jess, but you’re alienating a large sector of your fans. But I’m glad you’re happy. 

PBP: Blessings of Spring!

Whether you celebrate Alban Eiler, Spring Equinox, Ostara, Passover, the feast of Eostre, Easter, or some other early spring holiday, this time of year has a certain feeling of hope and thanksgiving.

I celebrated Alban Eiler back on the equinox, tho I recognize Imbolc as the beginning of spring. I performed the same ritual I’ve been performing for the past 6 years. I also planted catgrass and blessed both gardens on my family’s property. Spring weather had arrived early and flowers had already biked and threw were leaves on the trees. In Michigan we say that it’s officially spring when you’ve seen a robin, and I’d spotted six in one users only a few days before. Spring was exploding! On Friday I celebrated the Feast of Eostre with my best friend and consort and helped him move to the other side of the state. This continued into yesterday when my family dyed eggs. We also spent a large part of the day with my uncle who is just lucky to be alive. He was training to be a pilot, and on thursday while logging hours for his license he was in a severe plane crash. The doctors have told him that is the only person known to have survived a crash like that. And today I am celebrating Easter with my family. The whole day is centered around dinner at my grandmother’s. The kids have an egg hunt and everyone is sent more with an Easter lily. While I do celebate the religious aspect, it’s not in the typical fashion. This stems from the fact that I do not believe Jesus died, so it’s impossible for me to believe he rose from the dead. Instead I reflect on how the individuals in his life must have felt in this situation, himself included. While Jesus himself, his mother, and his wife all knew of the plan and that he wouldn’t actually die the plan went smoothly, they well aware that even a slight mistake could result in his death. While neither of my pregnancies made it to term and I cant call myself a mother, I cannot imagine how fearful Mary must have been. After everything she had gone through to protect her son, it could have ended in a split second. And the bravery of the Magdalene is incredible. While the other apostles high talked it out of there, Magdalene stayed on her husband’s side. But imagine her own fear when she arrived at the tomb to attend to his wounds and the man had alway wondered off and disgused himself! It’s something I could see my consort doing. But I don’t think I’d be as nice to him as the Magdalene was to Jesus. I think I would have killed the man myself!

Spring is honestly one of my favorite seasons, and with all of the natural beauty and wonderful holidays, it’s obvious why! I also try to add one meaningful thing to my path each season and this spring I’ve decided to start headcovering daily. April is the trial run inspired by “wear a hijab in april” and so far it’s gone pretty well. :)