Practical Magick

This is written for catholics who are having a hard time finding the proper colored candles for Advent wreaths, but I though it could be useful to pagans and witches who are having trouble finding the right color for their workings as well. Or anyone who can’t find THE candle they want!

Winter semester starts January 7th, so I plan to have the first items in the shop and my correspondence course running by then. 

The shop will be called Invocations and I will post a link as soon as it’s online. 

The Practical Magick Shoppe!

Hey everyone!

A few friends and I will be opening a shop soon and will be offering prayer beads, magickal and mundane jewelry, dream catchers, spell kits, seasonal products, natural remedies and cosmetics, soaps, teas, handmade ritual tools, and more! 

For now the shop will be online based and news will come to my followers first. 

What items would you be interested in seeing in the shop first?

Magickal Week at a Glance (12/31 - 1/6)

Monday (12/31)

  • New Year’s Eve
  • Feast of Sekhmet
  • Hogmany

Happy New Year 2013!

Welcome to January!

  • Hot Tea Month
  • National Oatmeal Month
  • National Soup Month

Tuesday (1/1)

  • Sacred to Janus
  • Sacred to the Fates
  • Sacred to Bertha
  • Sacred to the Morrigan
  • Sacred to all Japanese household gods
  • New Year’s Day
  • Sacred to Mary, Mother of God

Wednesday (1/2)

  • Sacred to Aset
  • Sacred to Inanna

Thursday (1/3)

  • Sacred to Dionysus
  • Sacred to the Deer Mothers

Friday (1/4)

Saturday (1/5)

  • Twelfth Night

Sunday (1/6)

  • Feast of Epiphany
  • Day of the Triple Goddess
  • Sacred to Kore
Magickal Week at a Glance (12/24 - 12/30)

Monday (12/24)

  • National Egg Nog Day
  • Christmas eve
  • National Chocolate Day
  • Final day of the Midwinter Festival

Tuesday (12/25)

  • Christmas
  • Invicti Solis
  • National Pumpkin Pie Day
  • Birth of Heru, the child of Aset

Wednesday (12/26)

  • Kwanzaa begins
  • Sacred to Frau Sonne
  • Sacred to Igaehindvo
  • Sacred to Star Faery
  • Sacred to Sunne
  • Sacred to Yemaya

Thursday (12/27)

  • Make Cut Out Snowflakes Day
  • Sacred to Freya

Friday (12/28)

  • Full Moon
  • Day of Sekhmet going Forth to Letopolis

Saturday (12/29)

  • Sacred to Artemis
  • Sacred to Andromeda
  • Sacred to Ariadne

Sunday (12/30)

Magickal Week at a Glance (12/17 - 12/23)

Monday (12/17)

  • Saturnalia begins

Tuesday (12/18)

  • Midwinter Festival begins
  • Bake cookies Day
  • Sacred to Diav
  • Sacred to Epona

Wednesday (12/19)

  • Look for an Evergreen Day
  • Festival of Opalia
  • Pongoi (Hindu Solstice)
  • Sacred to Sankrant

Thursday (12/20)

  • Sacred to Tsa Chun
  • Festival of Modras-Nach

Friday (12/21)

  • Feast of Aset
  • Alban Arthuan
  • Sacred to The Horned God
  • Yule
  • Winter Solstice

Saturday (12/22)

Sunday (12/23)

  • Laurentina
  • Balomain
Magickal Week at a Glance (12/10 — 12/16)

Monday (12/10)

  • Sacred to the French goddess Liberty
  • Festival of Lux Mundi
  • Eskimos pay homage to the spirits of slaughtered whales

Tuesday (12/11)

  • Sacred to Bruma
  • Sacred to Arrianrhod
  • Sacred to Yuki Onne

Wednesday (12/12)

  • Poinsettia Day
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe
  • Sacred to Coatlique
  • Sacred to Tonantain
  • Sacred to the Black Madonna

Thursday (12/13)

  • New Moon
  • St. Lucia Day
  • Sacred to Koto-Haijmabegis
  • Sacred to Demeter

Friday (12/14)

  • Thoth sends Bast and Sekhmet to guide Egypt
  • Halcyon Daysstort
  • Hopi Soyal Festival

Saturday (12/15)

  • Sacred to Alcyone
  • Hanukkah ends at sunset

Sunday (12/16)

  • Sacred to Sophia
  • Sacred to Athena
  • Sacred to Ma’at
  • Sacred to Sapientia
  • Sacred to Kista
  • Sacred to Minerva
  • Sacred to the Shekinah
  • Sacred to the Spider Woman
  • Sacred to the Hawk Maiden

I have a student again for the the first time in over a year. I’m actually really excited!  I’m also in the process of starting a new coven, so this year’s PBP posts will coincide with what I’m teaching that week. :)

I’m also fiddling with the idea of offering something of a correspondence course for teaching those that for one reason or another can’t find a teacher. If anyone is interested in this idea, let me know! The course would essentially be Wicca 101, though I would expand it if there was enough interest. It would be completely free, and the assignments would (for the most part) be the same as the assignments I give my in-person students. 

I do teach according to the tradition my first few covens created, though as I said, it’s focus is Wicca 101. After that course students would have the choice to be initiated as a first degree and be part of our tradition and a part of the coven I’m currently creating. 

Feel free to message me for more information

Magickal Week at a Glance (12/3 — 12/9)

Sorry this is late! I’m in the middle of final exams and it slipped my mind. 

Monday (12/3)

Tuesday (12/4)

  • Santa’s List Day

Wednesday (12/5)

Thursday (12/6)

  • St. Nicholas Day

Friday (12/7)

  • Letter Writing Day (good day to do holiday cards)
  • Sacred to Demeter

Saturday (12/8)

  • Immaculate Conception
  • Hanukkah begins at sunset

Sunday (12/9)

  • My birthday!
  • Christmas Card Day (I normally post my cards this day, but since it’s a Sunday… .)
  • St. Juan Diego 
  • Visitation of the Virgin de Guadalupe