Practical Magick

I’d like us all to take a moment to remember, Even just 10 years ago how much harder it was to find reliable information on paganism outside of books. Places like tumblr and Facebook groups have made it a lot easier to get good information if you don’t have access to pagan books for any reason. There’s even been a rise in pagan ezines and newsletters. I don’t feel that will ever really replace the need for those new to paganism to read every book that can get their hands on, but access to those books is no longer such an obstacle. I remember when I first started out Witchvox and the pagan/wiccan pages were about the only truly reliable resource. Googling anything to do with Wicca and paganism was a nightmare. I also had a huge obstacles to getting books in that my dad didn’t support my newfound faith and turned my mom and sister against it too. It was extremely hard to smuggle books into the house and even harder to keep coming up with new places to hide them. I think that’s why I rely so heavily on upgs, because without them I had a lot leads to go on. There’s just so many more resources now! I feel like it would be so much easier, information wise at least, if my learning process has started now.

As someone who actively studied the French language and culture for 3 years in high school and had a hell of a time trying to translate pagan related sentences/paragraphs due to lack of accurate vocabulary, this is fascinating!

I actually cried reading this. I’ve never understood how anyone claiming to be religious or a devout practitioner of any religion could be so cruel and kill someone for practicing another religion, especially if the the religion in question (the one doing the persecuting) has actual laws against murder!

Winter semester starts January 7th, so I plan to have the first items in the shop and my correspondence course running by then. 

The shop will be called Invocations and I will post a link as soon as it’s online. 

The Practical Magick Shoppe!

Hey everyone!

A few friends and I will be opening a shop soon and will be offering prayer beads, magickal and mundane jewelry, dream catchers, spell kits, seasonal products, natural remedies and cosmetics, soaps, teas, handmade ritual tools, and more! 

For now the shop will be online based and news will come to my followers first. 

What items would you be interested in seeing in the shop first?

Magickal Week at a Glance (11/19 - 11/25)

Monday (11/19)

Tuesday (11/20)

  • Day of Sekhmet and the Purifying Flame
  • Sacred to Demeter

Wednesday (11/21)

  • Sacred to Kukulcan
  • Sacred to Chango
  • Sacred to Damballah
  • Sacred to Quetzalcoatl
  • Sacred to Tammuz

Thursday (11/22)

  • U.S. Thanksgiving Day
  • Feast of Palu
  • Sacred to Ullr

Friday (11/23)

  • U.S. Black Friday
  • Sacred to Konohana-Hime

Saturday (11/24)

  • Day of Offerings to Sekhmet
  • Sacred to All Egyptian goddesses of light and birth

Sunday (11/25)

  • Celtic Tree Month of Elder begins
  • Sacred to Persephone/Kore
  • Sacred to Proserpina
  • Sacred to Arrianrhod
  • Sacred to Catherine
Magickal Week at a Glance (11/12 - 11/18)

Monday (11/12)

  • Aset seeks the body of Wasir
  • Sacred to Jupiter

Tuesday (11/13)

  • New Moon 5:08 pm EST
  • Solar ecplipse 5:17 pm EST
  • Aset grieves the loss of Wasir
  • Sacred to Feronia
  • Sacred to Juno
  • Sacred to Minerva
  • Sacred to Jupiter

Wednesday (11/14)

  • Aset rejoices as she finds Wasir
  • Sacred to Moccas
  • Sacred to Befana
  • Sacred to Mayaual, Rumina, and Surabhi.

Thursday (11/15)

  • Islamic New Year
  • Sacred to Ferona

Friday (11/16)

  • Night of Hekate
  • Festival of Bastet
  • Sacred to Lakshmi

Saturday (11/17)

  • Take a Hike Day
  • World Peace Day
  • Homemade bread day

Sunday (11/18)

  • Occult Day
  • Sacred to Ardvi